Study Connect (NZ) is structured to provide all-round support to students who wish to enroll at universities in New Zealand, Australia, England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada, Singapore, and the USA. We are a free and premium service for students. We are funded directly by universities to help you make your future dreams to become true. In summary, we offer the below services:


We Provide the Best Choices Pool to Choose A Successful Future Path.

We concentrate specifically on choosing the most appropriate career path via your passion, educational background, professional qualifications, and financial contribution to higher education. We are experienced professionals to provide you with excellent career guidance. Therefore, with the latest updates, we provide the right options for all of you to choose the most efficient higher educational program.


Direct you on determining the perfect university and destination country.

Our professional consultants direct you to choose the best universities, schools, and institutions, as you desire. Moreover, we focus on arranging your higher education in your dream destination with a trusted connection path.


Provide Full Assistance In Making Your Application And Submitting It.

With our professional’s great experience, we provide A to Z support and guide g for the complete documentation. Preparing a successful application with all of the necessary documents is a compulsory and advantageous effect on the University. Since efficient application increases the probability that you will be approved. In particular, we will ensure that the college or university’s challenge as missing documents or incomplete applications is eliminated. Don’t think about the documentation of a process on any basis. And with no complications, we are responsible for the successful documentation procedure since beginning to submit. Moreover, we Waive university application fees for qualified applicants. 


Give A Full Student Visa Application Checking and Support Service.

Study connect helps contact your destination country’s embassy and direct you in preparing various documentation required for student visas in compliance with the country’s rules and procedures. We also support you with Visa interviews by providing the most helpful tips and guidance. Our experts will clarify the appropriate visa protocol individually, depending on the university offer letter you got. We have specific knowledge of the visa process with Current International Immigration and Visa Process details in many counties and professional Students Visa experts.


We facilitate other accommodation.

We manage all the travel process smoothly to give our students a more convenient option with detailed information on your College, University, Hostel, Student Rooms, Places, Payments, etc. Besides, we are providing homestay accommodation for students at reasonable rates. We facilitate full pre-departure support, including helping you secure the right and secure accommodation, open a bank account before you leave, get the right medical insurance, and lots of other key things.


We help fewer than 18 students

Help fewer than 18 students classified as MINOR to enroll in Schools and obtain the Confirmation of Appropriate homestay Accommodation with host parents with special care of your health and 100% safety.


Assist with visitor visas for parents

We assist with visitor visas for parents to accompany student or dependent access for the spouse to accompany.


Organizing tours in semester breaks

We arrange social activities for students, including BBQ / Farm Visits / Movie Nights to enjoy and provide opportunities to meet new friends from different countries and explore beautiful countries and learn about culture, history, and heritage and enjoy food from the country they are studying in semester breaks.