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"Study Connect" has a GLOBAL presence with world Top ranking Universities, Colleges, Polytechnics, and private institutes in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States of America (USA), England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Singapore.

We provide opportunities for students around the world to studying abroad with our high levels of professionalism with our Global engagements. We working hard for you and committed to supporting students to build bridges between aspirations and achievements in years to come.
We are motivated by our core values of knowledge and experience and our ethics and quality in the educational field.
Our main ambition is to mainly find a suitable course for all our students in many top universities around the world. We provide IELTS Support for all our students with our Global educational Partners.
: We have GLOBAL engagements with high-class professionals in the education and immigration sectors and we will use their expertise to offer great services to our students globally. Our educational consultant team is qualified and experienced professionals based in New Zealand and pay special attention to each and every student individually, since we believe each student is unique with their own cultural background, strengths, requirements, and ambitions.
With our guidance and support, it's a great opportunity for students to settle down and explore the new country hassle-free that students are planning to study and start and build carrier in the country you love. With our honest and transparent advice and guidance, students will be able to plan their future.
We offer Quality Advice on Quality Higher Education.
We are the Official representatives for.
We offer free advice on topics from diploma, Undergraduate & postgraduate programs application procedures, visas, scholarships, and safe & caring accommodation with great host families, and many other topics.
Your parents and family members can visit on your graduation day to celebrate your success and achievements.
We are dealing with most developed countries around the world and with top rank universities and colleges and highly educated professionals in the educational sector. You will have opportunities to deal with professionals and get advice and guidance and share their experiences. So students will be able to take the right decision to build up the future. You have all opportunities to learn and apply the latest technology, quality educational method, and systems by studying at best ranking institutions in developed countries around the world.
This depends on the country you choose to study and the accuracy of the documents students providing us and the time of submitting a visa application? We endeavor to do our best to get a visa before your semester starts.
We are providing support/guidance to apply PR and if you need professional advice our qualified/certified immigration advisers will be available for advice 24/7.

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